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G-lish: Income Generation, Re-Generation, Next Generation

G-lish: Income Generation, Re-Generation, Next Generation
Vida Models the Shoulder Bag

G-lish Foundation undertakes green projects that:

  • Generate income
  • Sustain the environment &
  • Bring about social change

in impoverished communities in Ghana.


  • Providing access to international markets for products which generate an income for the people who make them
  • Recycling plastic and fabric waste, and transforming it into valuable material that is woven into high quality products by skilled weavers
  • Designing new products for international markets
  • Counselling families on the value of education, and ensuring children are enrolled in school
  • Planting trees
  • Advocating for fair prices by global buyers on behalf of the thousands of basket weavers in the region

G-lish collects plastic rubbish and scrap African cloth and trains youth and women to transform those materials into twine. Skilled basket weavers weave the plastic and cloth twine into baskets, home-wares and art work using traditional weaving methods—thus preserving cultural heritage while helping alleviate poverty and tackling entrenched and overlooked environmental waste problems.

G-lish pays fair prices while implementing environmentally friendly practices and empowering the weavers and producers.

In addition to baskets, G-lish has started developing art work for export markets. 

  • Sell between 100-500 baskets per month, processing 23,000-1,150,000 plastic water bags monthly--Up to 100 per month
  • Pay 50-100 basket makers and production workers--DONE
  • Plant 100-500 trees per month--In progress
  • Employ 2-3 staff recruited from the community--DONE


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