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Planting Empowerment

Planting Empowerment

An initiative involving a small business in partnership with a community-based organisation and an international agency is leveraging private capital to increase conservation and provide sustainable livelihood opportunities to the local population as the same time as improve natural resource conservation in fragile environmental areas.

Planting Empowerment has worked with rainforest communities since 2007 to create investment opportunities in sustainable forestry. The business model leverages financial markets, for both small-scale and large institutional investors, to reforest degraded land and promote the conservation of primary forest. Through leasing land and profit sharing, Planting Empowerment provides a reliable source of income to local communities. Timber securities have historically outperformed broad market returns, and the investment products are expected to generate a return on investment between 7.3% and 9.3%. 

  • Expand the operations from the current 20 hectares to 120 hectares.
  • With local partners, plan suitable plots, land lease contracts, planting and maintenance.
  • Increase marketing and partnerships within the Socially Responsible Investment platforms.
  • Increase revenues and customer base to become cash-flow positive by the end of 2010.
  • Team up with ASOADICO on a UNDP- funded project to establish a native species nursery, reforest a plot with valuable native species interspersed with mixed food crops, and carry out a carbon baseline study.


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