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Nafore and Afrisolar Energy Kiosks

Nafore and Afrisolar Energy Kiosks

A small business and international NGOs are cooperating to provide sustainable energy supply to poor communities by expanding the use of “Nafore”, a PV-based telephone charger, powered 100% on solar energy.

MicroSow and Afrisolar, aim to fill the energy gap faced by citizens in rural areas in Burkina Faso, where 98% of the population is excluded from the official power grid. Through a network of franchisees the initiative provides access to mobile solar-powered charging stations (the Nafore) where rural households can charge their mobile phones in a commercially and environmentally sustainable way. The charging stations for mobile telephones, powered on solar photovoltaic modules, can be used in any area of Burkina Faso. 

  • Answer the growing demand for the Nafore (charging stations).
  • Provide 72,000 rural dwellers and small businesses with access to the services through a network of 200 franchisees.
  • Extend the franchise model to a more complex model of energy kiosks.
  • Cover wide range of sustainable energy services tailored to existing and upcoming demand in local and regional markets.
  • Define services to be offered by the Energy Kiosks by involving local communities.


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