Starter Teams

In the recent SAG-SEED Starter programme, more than 120 teams of future entrepreneurs from Ghana, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Mauritius developed, tested and refined their innovative business ideas, all which contribute to sustainable development in the form of efficient energy, waste management, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity or eco-tourism, to name a few. The teams are now ready to pitch their ideas, enter the market and seek funding necessary to realise their business ideas.

SEED with the support of SWITCH Africa Green also offers additional capacity building support for those who are most motivated. These teams and their ideas are introduced below.

Read on to learn how these teams are making the world a better place, one business at a time.

8 Niko Eco Travels

Niko Green Travels

Sector: Tourism
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Short-description: Niko Green Travels provides integrated green travel solutions that align international leisure and business travel with empowering communities and improving the environment. The enterprise promotes local sustainable tourism that creates jobs, promotes local cultures and preserves the environment and natural resources. Ultimately, they aim to generate adequate carbon finance to invest in carbon offsetting projects namely clean energy, water filters, biodiversity restoration and plastic waste management.


16 Terganic Permaculture 3

Terganic Permaculture

Sector: Sustainable Agriculture
Location: Black River, Bambous Virieux, Riche En Eau, Mauritius

Short-description: Terganic is a full service ecological company that designs and builds regenerative and resilient landscapes and settlements. Using diverse technologies and tools, it designs closed loop ecosystems for farms, and for urban homes and gardens with a focus on water harvesting, land restoration, energy and waste management. At its education centre "La Meule Permaculture Farm", the enterprise trains and consults interested communities in replicating and adapting the business model. 


25 Sustainable Energy Services

Sustainable Energy Services

Sector: Manufacturing
Location: Beau-Bassin, Mauritius

Short-description: SES is a social business challenging climate change, economic and social problems by using green energy to brighten the life of communities. The enterprise provides photo voltaic systems, maintenance & technical services to make homes more energy efficient and reduce energy costs. This ensures access to sustainable energy services, improves efficiency and increases use of renewable  energy sources for vulnerable families & micro businesses.


30 Coliba Waste Management Company Team

Coliba Waste Management Company

Sector: Waste and Sanitation
Location: Accra, Ghana 
Website: or 

Short-description: Coliba Waste Management Company is a recycling project with a focus on e-waste and plastic waste recycling. Using technologies like voice call broadcast and text messages in local languages, customers are educated on proper waste segregation and management practices. Coliba offers a pick up services for the recyclables which are then sold to recycling companies. The business generates jobs for women and youth while promoting clean and green environments. 


31 eco care waste initiatives

EcoCare Waste Initiatives

Sector: Waste and Sanitation
Location: Goaso, Sunyani, Ghana

Short-description: "Don't waste your waste". EcoCare Waste Intiatives is a low tech recycling company that promotes an innovative waste management approach in Ghana – by exploring inclusively social, environmental and economic impact models. The enterprise operates pilot programmes in two Brong Ahafo communities where they educate the public on eco-friendly waste handling practices. The waste is then sold back to partner recycling companies while the enterprise itself converts the organic waste into organic fertilizer.



Kiboga-Kyankwanzi Innovation Youth Agripreneurs (KKIYA)

Sector: Sustainable Agriculture
Location: Kampala, Uganda

Short-description: KKIYA is a socio-economic community based organization aspiring to help women and girls and their micro enterprises (like piggeries and poultry farms) by involving them in soybean-maize farming. The women are taught how to mix livestock fodder using the soybean-maize raw materials to boost production. KKIYA also focuses on meeting the needs of its customers by building a strong market position in processing, packaging and selling livestock feeds, poultry and piggery products.


45 Authentic Ugandan Experience

Authentic Ugandan Experience

Sector: Tourism
Location: Kampala, Uganda

Short-description: Authentic Ugandan Experience focuses on developing culturally and naturally rich Ugandan rural villages as eco and sustainable tourism destinations, and create new sustainable, economic and social opportunities for the village dwellers. The comprehensive online platform offers custom eco-tours, cultural excursions and adventure packages that support causes in the local communities and craft production by local artisans. Part of the revenues go to a community partner, in particular women and youth groups.


54 Hydropods

Hydropods - Torima Growpods

Sector: Sustainable Agriculture
Location: Midrand, South Africa

Short-description: Torima Growpods's mission is to build local networks of Climate Smart Urban Farmers in low-and-middle income communities. Torima Growpods are water efficient, electric-free hydroponic systems that enable the production of vegetables with little space, 25% faster and saving 80% of water compared to traditional  methods. The Growpods Urban Mini-Farms concept was created to create high-impact and replicable business models. This is a fully integrated Agro-business ecosystem that enables users to generate revenue through the production and sale of fresh produce.



Black Soldier Fly Lavarage Agro-organics Company

Sector: Sustainable Agriculture
Location: Nairobi, Mombasa, Kenya

Short-description: BSFL Agro-organics invests in agricultural innovation such as hydroponics farming, by installing and maintaining hydroponics systems and developing organic animal feeds using the black soldier fly larvae. Currently more than 70 units of hydroponics systems have been installed and more than 500 bags of animal feeds have been sold. The enterprise is currently seeking support in the areas of product development, marketing and also product testing.


71 Iscom Tradelink Enterprises

Iscom Tradelink Enterprises

Sector: Manufacturing
Location: Eldoret, Kenya

Short-description: Iscom Tradelink Enterprises aims to improve access to clean, affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern forms of cooking and heating energy to households, hotels and institutions as an alternative to environmental damaging fuels like charcoal, kerosene or firewood. The business model is based on partnerships with local sawmills and farmers in the Uasin Gishu County region in Kenya, for the supply of biomass waste and other agrowaste for production of biomass briquettes as a clean cooking and heating fuel which will serve as a practical intervention for climate change mitigation in the region.


75 Securing water access for rural households through innovative ponds Nutri Fresh Farms

Nutri-Fresh Farm & AgriHub

Sector: Sustainable Agriculture
Location: Thika, Kenya

Short-description: Nutri-Fresh Farm & AgriHub works on enabling Kenyan smallholder farmers to adopt efficient climate smart solutions. Over 80% of Kenyan farming is performed by smallholder farmers who practice rain-fed agriculture, which has been severely affected by climate change. To address this challenge and increase irrigation coverage, Nutri-Fresh Farm & AgriHub installs inexpensive and efficient water harvesting ponds for farmers, enabling them to collect and reserve large water volumes during the rainy season to be used in the farms during the dry seasons.


84 Faso Eco 1

Faso Eco

Sector: Waste and Sanitation
Location: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Short-description: The social and environmental company Faso Eco collects plastic waste from waste management centers and individual collectors in order to transform it into building materials such as pavers. Organized 'Sanitation Days' held in Ouagadougou aim to promote a culture of sanitation among the population. Furthermore the enterprise tackle the problem of unemployment by hiring young people and especially women. Targeted customers are households, construction companies, hardware stores, design offices and NGOs. The next step will be the extension of the product range, i.e. tiles made of recycled plastic.


92 Non Weogo logo


Sector: Tourism
Location: Ouagadougou, Bobo Dioulassoa, Burkina Faso

Short-description: Nong-Weogo, meaning "Loving Nature" is a green tourism enterprise and promoter of nature and culture in Burkina Faso. Tourists can choose to focus on different topics: nature, therapeutic and medicinal virtues of plants, local arts or a stay with local communities. Other important aspects are the training of tourist guides, reforestation campaigns, sanctuaries of tourist parks and places, and promoting the protection of the environment to support a green Burkina. Currently they are in the process of analysing and implementing guidelines that will improve customer satisfaction.    


94 eco tech genesis.PNG

Eco Tech Genesis Ltd

Sector: Manufacturing
Location: Kampala, Uganda

Short-description: Eco Tech Genesis Ltd aims to create and promote the use of renewable cooking fuel through its revolutionary clean cook stove, the EKO-JIKO, in household schools, hospitals, and hotels countrywide. This cook stove works on a clean smart cooking concept of biogas and pumice stones, a better alternative to biomass fuel of charcoal and firewood as it produces no smoke, fumes or dirt. Currently, Eco Tech Genesis is awaiting its certification from the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) before it starts mass production of the Eko-Jiko.


108 Green Oyster Initiative

Green Oyster Initiative (GOI)

Sector: Tourism
Location: Kumasi, Ghana

Short-description: Climate change combined with the use of toxic chemicals alter oyster ecosystem opportunities by 70%. This means dramatically reducing oyster harvest and increasing poverty and school dropouts amongst youth. GOI is a sustainability-oriented response to create a Green Oyster Reserve (GOR) with an overall goal to promote sustainable conservation, co-restoration and consumption of oysterGOI consults and engages leaders and youth groups as well as green women corps toward greening oyster ecologies. The activities comprise conservation practices and messages; an eco-pavilion facility for immersive scientific and eco-leadership learning; processing oyster shells to manufacture ecologically friendly products such as chalks, feeds, ceramics and non-toxic paints; and aquaculturing, canning and exporting fresh oysters to local and global markets.


113 Recycle Plast


Sector: Waste and Sanitation
Location: Offinso South, Ghana

Short-description: Recycleplast aims to create a sustainable plastic waste management business through the collection and selling of clean plastic waste to recycling plants. The business works on community sensitization and education to encourage separation of plastic waste as well as building transparent waste bins and positioning them at vantage points where plastic waste is generated throughout the Offinso Municipality to ensure clean plastic waste is collected and delivered in profitable quantities. Recycleplast also seeks funds from both local and foreign foundations and corporations to organize educational programs as well as train young people to create valuable items out of plastic waste.


13 CF LakeVictoria

Ecotourism Sensation Lake Victoria

Sector: Tourism
Location: Kisumu, Kenya

Short-description: Ecotourism Sensation Lake Victoria is a comprehensive online platform which offers a one-stop-shop booking process for exquisite ecotourism experiences. The enterprise also promotes local crafts like home decor, earrings, necklaces, hand bags, packaging bags and curios. 


95 Eco goats

Eco-goats – Koboko

Sector: Sustainable Agriculture
Location: Koboko, Entebbe, Uganda

Short-description: Eco-goats-Koboko’s basic agribusiness idea rests on its socio - economic and environmental pact and impact. They will rear goats to provide; high quality tender goats meat following food safety precautions, supply quality goats skin to local and international tanneries and craft industries, protect the environment through clean energy production using goats’ wastes and enhance community socio-economic empowerment through eco-goat farming.Their business model involves organising and training farmer groups who will provide the land for raising the goats. Then the farmers will sell the goats to  Eco-goats-Koboko.

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