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During the SAG-SEED Starter Months in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Mauritius, more than 50 teams of future entrepreneurs developed, tested and refined their innovative business ideas, all contributing to sustainable development in the form of efficient energy, waste management, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity or eco-tourism, to name a few. Now, the teams are going out to pitch their ideas, enter the market and look for the funding necessary to bring their business ideas to reality. Traditional sources of funding, such as bank loans, are not available at affordable rates for them, if even at all, due to local market environments. Entrepreneurship is emerging as a key instrument to making real change for these local economies.

You can set these entrepreneurs up for business success and help them create social, environmental and economic impact by contributing to their crowdfunding campaigns. Every dollar counts!

The profiles of the most motivated teams who set up a crowdfunding campaign are listed below. They are the teams who have so far demonstrated huge campaigning effort in order meet the 500 USD funding threshold we set to provide them with additional business development support and publicity.

Now it is up to you to help your favorite teams realise their business ideas! You’ll also benefit from small crowdfunding perks, such as first products or progress updates. And, continue to keep an eye on this page and on our social media channels, as more and more teams reach the initial target of 500 USD.

Uganda CF Authentic Ugandan Experience

Authentic Ugandan Experience

Sector: Tourism
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Capital Required: $25,000
Short-description: The focus of the 'Authentic Ugandan Experience' is to develop the culturally and naturally rich Ugandan rural villages as Eco and Sustainable tourism destinations, and open new sustainable, economic and social opportunities for the village dwellers.


Uganda CF Youth Agripreneurs Kiboga Kyankwanzi

Youth Agripreneurs Kiboga-Kyankwanzi

Sector: Agriculture
Location: Kidoga, Uganda
Capital Required: $5,000
Short-description: Kiboga-Kyankwanzi Youth Agriprenuers aspire to help women and girls and their micro enterprises (like piggeries and poultry farms) by involving them in soybean-maize farming to learn how to mix the livestock fodder using the soybean-maize raw materials to boost production.


CF LakeVictoria

Ecotourism Sensation Lake Victoria

Sector: Tourism
Location: Kisumu, Kenya
Capital Required: $5,000
Short-description: Ecotourism Sensation Lake Victoria, a comprehensive online platform which offers a one-stop-shop booking process for exquisite ecotourism experiences. The enterprise also promotes local crafts (like home decor, earrings, necklaces, hand bags, packaging bags and curios) through development and showcasing. 


CF NikoEcoTravel

Niko Green Travels

Sector: Tourism
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Capital Required: $3,000
Short-description: Niko Green Travels aims to provide integrated green travel solutions that align international leisure and business travel with empowering communities and improving the environment. The enterprise promotes local sustainable tourism that creates jobs, promotes local cultures and preserves the environment and natural resources.

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