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What is the SEED GoSustainable Programme?

Sustainability is crucial for the future of business, society and the planet. What opportunities does that offer for conventional enterprises? Eco-inclusive innovation enables existing enterprises to create a positive impact on the environment – be eco – and to integrate low-income groups into their value chain – be inclusive – all the while realising benefits and returns. The SEED GoSustainable Programme inspires and supports participants to develop and implement an eco-inclusive enterprise based on their existing enterprise business model.

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How does it work?

To facilitate eco-inclusive innovation, the GoSustainable Programme builds on two main pillars.

In 3-day SEED Training of Trainers workshops (ToTs), experienced Business Development Services (BDS) providers gain new skills in the support of green and inclusive business models and can expand their service portfolio accordingly.

For conventional enterprises, the GoSustainable Programme offers targeted business support to integrate eco-inclusive considerations into their existing business model or in the establishment of a new, additional green and inclusive business model. Over a period of about six months, the enterprises are supported in the development, refinement and implementation of their innovative solutions.

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We offer the GoSustainable Programme momentarily only in South Africa.

Do you run a business and want to develop your own eco-inclusive innovation? Are you a BDS provider and want to support eco-inclusive innovation?

Once the application period relevant to you has started, you can find all information you need to apply on this site. Participation is for free! You only cover your transport and accommodation expenses.

Support for the SEED GoSustainable Programme


The SEED GoSustainable Programme is sponsored by the Government of Flanders, which is active in Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa. In South Africa, the focus support is in the area of job creation through Small Enterprise Development, and improving food security through smallholder farming.                 

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