About SEED Support

SEED recognises that no two enterprises are the same, either internally or as regards their operating environment. Consequently, SEED has developed support mechanisms that help social and environmental enterprises to build capacities according to their individual needs. In 2014 SEED consolidated its support into four tiers:

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SEED Starter

Self-help tools and SEED Starter Month Workshops guide early stage eco-enterprises to grow their idea up to the point where their concept is proven. In this stage the SEED Starter supports the enterprises in developing their theory of change while simultaneously refining their business model prototype.

SEED Catalyser

Ten years of experience in working closely with more than 200 social and environmental enterprises have shown that in the early stages of their development, most require access to knowledge, expertise and networks at least as much as they require financial support. That is why the SEED Catalyser provides financial support as well as direct business capacity building, interactive tools, South-South exchange and international profiling.

SEED Accelerator

Once these models are mature, most enterprises require financial capacity building, additional funding as well as further profiling and networking for the next stages of growth. Since 2013, nine SEED Winners received the SEED Accelerator Support, furthering their investment readiness and operational excellence.

SEED Replicator

The Replicator is based on the understanding that the uptake and replication of business models with transformative and high-impact potential is central to the promotion of entrepreneurship at a large scale. It therefore provides assistance to the replication of business models or the setting up of franchises through the provision of Replication Manuals and the facilitation of partnerships via Connect Workshops.

Each of these support packages is framed under the SEED Enterprise Blueprint: a framework based on Critical Success Factors that provides a step-by-step guide to inclusive and green growth drawing on a comprehensive toolbox. Each module is geared by a set of interactive and/or self-help tools designed by SEED to empower enterprises and help them scale up their businesses.

Each of the four SEED support packages is put into practice in five different ways:

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Tools: Self-help tools that help SEED Winners prioritise and address their most urgent needs, for instance by assisting them in conducting market analysis, developing a funding strategy, mapping relationships and developing Memoranda of Understanding with partners.

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Capacity Building: One-on-one advisory service that offers Winners assistance with their business plan, in-country workshops, and webinars.

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Profiling: Through high level events such as the International SEED Award Ceremonies and SEED Symposia, and marketing and promotional activities such as our website, blog and social media channels, SEED Winners are profiled nationally, regionally and internationally.

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Network Building: SEED facilitates contacts between start-ups and support organisations, funders, policy-makers and other enterprises.

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Financing: SEED provides a financial contribution of USD40,000 for the SEED Accelerator Recipients and facilitates follow-up investments in SEED Winners through the SEED Deal Ready Programme.


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