Understanding Barriers and Needs of Eco-enterprises

In 2009 SEED conducted an extensive 3-year study, which consisted of following SEED Winners from 2005-2011 as well as applicants of the SEED Awards 2010-2011 and looking in detail at:

  • the social, economic and environmental targets they set
  • the extent and rate at which they met those targets
  • the support they needed
  • the barriers to their success and how initiatives like SEED could contribute to their growth.

There is little doubt from the data collected over the three years of the study that the majority of enterprises within this community of social and environmental enterprises are changing the model of how to deliver sustainable development on the ground. The SEED winners in particular are demonstrating significant capacity to establish and deliver on social, environmental and business targets and indicate a level of progress beyond that of the survey group as a whole. Below is an overview of the fourteen findings relevant to policy and decision makers:

For more detailed information, please visit the SEED publications below:

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