Impacts of Eco-enterprises

TBLSWhile the value of eco-entrepreneurship in delivering sustainable development is increasingly recognised and harnessed in the development sphere, there is still very little data available on the triple bottom line (TBL) impact of these enterprises and their contribution to sustainable development.

To help fill that gap, SEED has embarked on a new research project in 2014-2016. Based on the findings from earlier studies and in-depth interviews with 22 SEED Winners, their partners and their beneficiaries, this new study aims to generate insights for policy and decision-makers on the role of green and inclusive enterprises in achieving sustainable development, and on enabling factors that can help them overcome barriers and reach scale and replicate.

While the project is still ongoing, the first case studies show how and to what extent start-up green and inclusive businesses can contribute to sustainable development. Through innovative green and inclusive business models they address issues such as waste management, deforestation, unemployment, food security and women empowerment.  

The Case Studies series is accessible here.

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