About SEED Policy & Research

Social and environmental entrepreneurship, also known as green and inclusive entrepreneurship or eco-entrepreneurship, can play a critical role in achieving a global Green Economy. By embracing the added values of social improvement and wise resource management, eco-enterprises that have won a SEED Award are living proof that entrepreneurial partnerships between various stakeholders can create innovative and novel solutions for delivering sustainable development at the grassroots and be economically sustainable.

A central and defining feature of the SEED programme is its commitment to research so as to increase:

  • knowledge for (eco-)enterprises and,
  • the understanding of how social and environmental start-ups grow, which barriers they face, their economic, social and environmental impact and in turn their contribution to sustainable development.

SEED Research Policy

Over the last ten years, SEED has received over 4,500 applications and awarded 202 SEED Awards to eco-enterprises in 37 countries. In addition, SEED has held five international Symposia and various dialogue fora, bringing together over 1,000 participants from government, private sector, media, academia, development institutions and civil society organisations, to discuss various aspects of eco-entrepreneurship. These have formed an abundant source from which SEED has derived information to gain a better understanding on how eco-enterprises contribute to sustainable development and how more enabling frameworks can be created to help their scale up. Based on the results of the various research projects, SEED has:

The main topics SEED has so far focussed on are:

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