Apply for the 2010 SEED Awards now! Wednesday, 18 August 2010

SEED Awards 2010: Extension of deadline for applications to August 31st

It has been brought to our attention that one page on the UNEP website stated that the closing date for applications for the 2010 SEED Awards was 31 August. This differed from the date on the SEED website and materials, and elsewhere on the UNEP site, which was 16th August.

In the interests of fairness and to allow those who were planning with the later date to submit their applications, we have therefore decided to extend the deadline for applications for the awards to 23:59 Central European Time on 31st August 2010Click here NOW to apply for a 2010 SEED Award.

We recommend that you read the eligibility criteria first. For more information about the SEED Awards, how to apply and what the award consits of, please click here.


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