The Governments of Flanders and Germany renew their partnership with SEED Monday, 18 December 2017

The Governments of Flanders and Germany renew their partnership with SEED

As 2017 comes to an end, SEED has the pleasure to announce a renewal of its partnership with the Government of Flanders and the Government of Germany.

In Colombia, India, Tanzania, Thailand, and Uganda we will continue our 2013 initiated activities for another year and support small and growing enterprises in their efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate. This is part of a renewed partnership with the Government of Germany through the International Climate Initiative. We will expand our activities to support the most promising “climate-smart” start-up enterprises that tackle local climate change issues by developing innovative services and products. From February onwards, we will initiate a new round of SEED Low Carbon Awards in those countries, and implement Replicator workshops as well as a new programme component: Impact Financing Labs. These Labs will provide concrete solutions to challenges faced in early-stage impact financing by climate-smart enterprises like SEED Low Carbon Award Winners and help to increase the deal flow into such enterprises with a special focus on the replication of successful low carbon business models.

In Malawi, we will build upon our 2014 initiated activities that were supported through the Government of Flanders and extend also into Zambia and Zimbabwe with the aim to advance the transition to Inclusive Green Economies in those countries. For the next three years, we will implement our full enterprise support programme for aspiring eco-inclusive entrepreneurs (Starter, Replicator) and successful innovative eco-inclusive enterprises (Awards, Catalyser, Accelerator), while also building a conducive ecosystem for eco-inclusive entrepreneurship (Advocacy, BDS+, Events, Grants).

We would like to thank the Government of Flanders and the Government of Germany for their generous support in the past and for the upcoming years and look forward to continuing a fruitful collaboration for positive impacts and propelling of inclusive green economies in all target countries.

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