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Do you want to replicate a tested and proven business model to set up your own eco-inclusive enterprise?


What is the SAG-SEED Replicator?

The SAG-SEED Replicator brings successful eco-inclusive business models that provide proven solutions to sustainability challenges to various geographic locations. The programme supports the uptake and adaptation of proven business models to different markets in order to multiply positive sustainability impacts. Get inspired, meet peers and kick-off your business in just one day!

How does it work?

The SAG-SEED Replicator Programme targets both originators and (future) entrepreneurs who wish to imitate eco-inclusive business models:

Originators are supported through the identification of replicable features of their business model and a matchmaking process which enables them to find potential replication partners. Further, they will be showcased as a SEED originator. For this purpose, SEED collaborates with experienced originators from different sectors around the world and identifies replicable key components of their business models. Their eco-inclusive business models are tested and proven to be viable; create relevant economic, social and environmental impacts and are easily adaptable to different geographic locations at a low risk.

During SAG-SEED Replicator Connect Workshops, future entrepreneurs (adopters) are inspired and capacitated to adapt proven business models to their local context. Each adopter selects a SAG-SEED Replicator Workbook that comprises readings on proven business models as well as tools to adapt them to their market. Afterwards, they receive the possibility to pitch their adapted business idea to originators who are looking for replication partners. Selected adopters qualify for further SEED Support (SAG-SEED Starter Package).

We currently offer SAG-SEED Replicator Connect Workshops in the following countries:


Do you want to replicate a successful eco-inclusive enterprise and kick-off your own business in just one day?

Once the application period for your country is open, you can find the link to register and apply on this site. Participation is free! You only cover your own transportation.

SEED Practitioners’ Labs on Replication

In order to provide tailored replication support services and catalyse the replication of business models, SEED aims to develop a shared understanding of the diverse challenges of actors involved in the replication process and stimulate knowledge exchange between various ecosystem stakeholders. To that end, SEED hosts Practitioners’ Labs on Replication that take place regularly in various settings, engaging various stakeholders of the replication support ecosystem.

Previous events:

Supported by:

The SAG-SEED Replicator in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa and Uganda are supported by SWITCH-Africa Green. SWITCH-Africa Green is implemented by UNEP with the assistance of the European Union. To read more about the multi-country project "Promoting Eco-Entrepreneurship in Africa" visit:

SEED Replicator activities in South Africa are supported through the generous support of the Government of Flanders. 

Please be informed that participation in the Replicator Programme is free of cost but participants need to cover their travel and accommodation costs on their own. In case of further questions, feel free to contact the SEED Replicator Team at


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