Ghana - 2010 SEED Winner - Shea Economic Empowerment Program

Ghana - 2010 SEED Winner - Shea Economic Empowerment Program

This fruitful partnership, centred on a community-based cooperative and international NGOs, was chosen as a SEED Winner because it improves the livelihoods of women shea nut producers by offering training, greater ownership within the supply chain and access to improved technology. The enterprise seeks to empower shea butter producers economically by restructuring the shea butter supply chain, building capacity among producers and improving production quality to facilitate access to local and international shea butter markets.

SEED Support has strengthened the enterprise in different ways:

  • the introduction to partners in Ghana facilitated by SEED has opened doors that otherwise could not be reached, such as the World Bank,
  • the training received on pitching and profiling the enterprise has helped attract new partners and helped the Shea Economic Empowerment Program to present its work at various events ;
  • the training received from SEED on partnerships helped greatly in strengthening the relationships between the major partners,
  • during the SEED International Awards Ceremony and Winners’ Workshop, all Ghanaian Winners were able to exhibit their enterprises and so enhance their standing, as well as to exchange experience and create a Ghana Winners’ network.
  • introduced bulk storing of shea nuts during shea nut season: 400 bags of shea nuts were purchased by the women, leading to the production of 132kgs of shea butter; as a result,  shea butter is now available for sale to customers throughout the year and producers can sell directly to buyers.
  • training was given to two more community groups on shea soap production
  • the enterprise was able to engage with technical experts in labelling and designing of packaging; it now has its own labeled cartons for soap and shea butter.
  • the enterprise is still training producers about the required quality standards in shea butter production and promoting a better understanding of the shea butter market
  • the enterprise organised a trip to India for experience sharing with a Self Employed Women’s Association on how to build a viable rural marketing company

In recognizing small and start-up entreprises , the SEED Awards greatly encourages and boots the morale of entrepreneurs

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