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To provide a more in-depth understanding of how eco-enterprises work, how they can help achieve sustainable development on the ground and how enabling frameworks can be created to help them scale up, SEED offers a range of detailed case studies that have emerged from various SEED Research projects.

2016 Case Study Series

Demonstrating Sustainable Development on the Ground through Locally-Driven Eco-Entrepreneurship

The new case study series by SEED sheds a light on the versatile impacts of locally-driven eco-enterprises. The individual case studies are enhanced with short multimedia features that showcase the innovation, the partnership and the impact of each enterprise.

All Women RecyclingFood and Trees for Africa

Case Study Khuin Kwa Kalahari SEED Case Study Waste to Food South Africa

 2015 Case Study Series

Insights into Entrepreneurial Solutions for Sustainable Development

Find out through the in-depth case studies below how eco-enterprises, like SEED Winners, can contribute to sustainable development through their triple bottom line approach. 

2010 ReelGardening CSEcoPostMooi River

Muliru FarmersImai Farming CooperativeSolar Sisters


Muthi FuthiProvokameTambul Leaf Plates

 2012 Case Study Series

Understanding Barriers and Enabling Factors for Eco-Enterprises

Social and environmental enterprises can play a critical role in achieving sustainable development on the ground. But what barriers do they face and how can more enabling frameworks be created for them to scale up? Find out in the case studies below.

2005 Madagascar2009 Nafore Energy kiosk CS2009 Kenya Organic CS

Pintadas SolarOribagsOro Verde

2010 SolSource2010 VillageCereal2011 REN

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