How to join SEED?

Building a broad network is central to SEED's mission. There are three ways how you can join this network:

  1. by becoming a SEED Partner – organisations that provide significant financial or in-kind contributions each year. Some organisations may be invited to take up membership of SEED's Governing Board and bring their experience to the strategic direction of the SEED programme.

  2. by joining our Associates Network – a network of organisations that helps to facilitate contacts for SEED Winners, shares research, or provides advice and support directly to winning partnerships.

  3. by becoming a SEED Symposium Supporter – organisations that contribute to one of the annual SEED Africa or SEED South Africa Symposia.

Are you interested in joining SEED?

For all questions related to becoming a SEED Partner or joining our Associates Network, please contact SEED Executive Director Arab Hoballah.

For all questions related to becoming a SEED Symposium Supporter, please contact SEED's Marion Müller vom Berge.

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