High-level Political Forum 2017

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Innovative and Eco-Inclusive Entrepreneurship, the SMEs in support to SDGs delivery


13 July 2017 at 18.15-19.30

Conference Room A, UNHQ, New York


At a time when the global community is looking for practical and “down-to-earth” approaches for effectively delivering sustainability, it is of critical importance to pay due attention to the role of Small and Medium Enterprises/SMEs in the sustainability process. 
The side event will highlight the vital importance of innovative eco-inclusive SMEs in delivering sustainability, alleviating poverty, generating local income and jobs, using more efficiently local resources and therefore contributing to “poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world”. At the same time, SMEs play a crucial role in identifying realistic and accessible solutions and unlocking opportunities through partnerships, in response to local, community, regional and national social, environmental and economic challenges. 
During this event, in addition to inputs from Governments and UN representatives, two SEED Award winners from South Africa and Colombia will showcase their business models and demonstrate the innovative capacity of such small enterprises, bringing in the solutions the global community is looking for and serving therefore as important drivers for sustainable, inclusive growth. Furthermore will SEED announce the 2017 SWITCH Africa Green - SEED Award Winners at this side event. The Winners will afterwards be honored at National Award Ceremonies throughout the African continent in the coming months.   
We aim with this side event to better mainstream the SEED eco-inclusive enterprise approach into the global platform of opportunities and solutions in support to the implementation for SDG achievement to demonstrate how innovative eco-inclusive enterprises can contribute to the urgently needed transformation towards inclusive, sustainable economies; and to discuss how governments and international organizations can best support their creation and success.

Opening remarks

H.E. Ambassador Marie Chatardova (Czech Republic), Vice-President of ECOSOC
Moderator: Arab Hoballah, Executive Director, SEED (and brief introduction about SEED)

Speakers and Panelists

  • Stephan Contius, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Germany 
  • Zaheer Fakir, Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa
  • Tim Scott, Senior Policy Advisor, UNDP
  • Geoff Green, Founder of Green Acre Living, South Africa, SAG-SEED Award Winner 2016
  • Ricardo Oquendo Velásquez, Proplanet, Colombia, SEED Low Carbon Award Winner 2014

For any queries, please contact Julia Rohe at  julia.rohe@seed.uno .

This event is co-organized by South Africa and a SEED side event co-organized by South Africa and Germany, in partnership with UN Environment, UNDP, IUCN, PAGE and SWITCH Africa Green

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