SEED Events & Workshops

Facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration and directing global agendas.

Are you ready to collaborate and champion the role of entrepreneurship in a climate-smart and socially inclusive green economy?

Our SEED Events & Workshops provide a platform for key local, national and international stakeholders to collaborate and establish long-term partnerships which realise the transformative potential of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship. SEED event participants stem from various stakeholder groups including enterprises, financial institutions, government (local, regional and national), NGOs, foundations, donor agencies, and Incubator and Accelerator programmes. These high-level events not only showcase the achievements of small and growing eco-inclusive enterprises but capitalise on their success to improve enterprises’ social, economic and environmental impacts and drive the green economy transition.

We build on the momentum gained during our SEED Events & Workshops by actively promoting eco-inclusive entrepreneurship and driving low carbon economy and sustainability agendas on the global stage at diverse events organised by our partners and key stakeholders. Find out more about core topics which we advocate for at both SEED and external events by clicking here.

SEED events have generated key impacts which further the role of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship for climate-smart and socially inclusive development:

High-level SEED events
Diverse and expert participants
Eco-inclusive enterprises showcased

SEED Symposia

Our annual Symposia bring together between 150 and 500 enterprises, financial institutions, policy-makers, BDS+ Providers (business development service providers), and civil society representatives from a specific region or around the world. Through inspiring speeches, enriching panels, roundtable discussions and highly interactive sessions, SEED Symposia not only identify impactful eco-inclusive business models. They also provide a platform for jointly developing approaches to effectively scale up, finance and replicate eco-inclusive business models that drive the transition towards a green and inclusive economy.


Our one- or two-day Symposia are highly interactive and collaborative. These high-level events feature various formats and encourage networking between diverse stakeholders for lasting partnership building.


Catalyse ideas for successful business development opportunities for small and growing eco-inclusive enterprises.


Co-develop innovative financing and policy solutions and mobilise multi-stakeholder partnerships to implement the prototypes.


Share extensive professional expertise of participants ranging from enterprises, financial institutions, government to NGOs.


Showcase innovative eco-inclusive enterprises that deliver socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable products and services.

SEED National Dialogue Fora

SEED National Dialogue Fora bring together between 50 and 100 enterprises, financial institutions, policy-makers, BDS+ Providers (business development service providers), and civil society representatives from one specific country. SEED National Dialogue Fora provide a platform to share valuable insights on eco-inclusive enterprise development and to establish partnerships and collaboration between Forum attendees. Our half-day Dialogue Fora feature inspiring speeches as well as interactive panel and roundtable discussions that encourage participants to share their comprehensive and diverse professional experiences. Furthermore, SEED National Dialogue Fora showcase the high-achieving and innovative eco-inclusive business models of SEED Award Winners and other SEED programme participants.


Showcase commitments to and mobilise support for eco-inclusive innovation through entrepreneurship.


Share expertise, encourage reflection and collaborate on the future of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship.

Upcoming SEED Events


Find out about upcoming SEED Events & Workshops and how you can join in as a supporter of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship.

Explore outcomes of previous SEED Events & Workshops

During previous SEED Events & Workshops, eco-inclusive enterprises, financial institutions, policy-makers, NGOs and others joined to celebrate and build on success in eco-inclusive entrepreneurship for sustainable development. These stakeholders joined together to celebrate achievements in socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable entrepreneurship and collaborate on how to multiply these impacts by working together. Our past event reports reveal the major outcomes of these events and the commitments of stakeholders to furthering the promotion of entrepreneurship for sustainable development.

Daniela Tonelli

SEED Events Specialist

Our SEED Events Specialist is available to consult. Please contact us if you are interested in co-financing and partnership opportunities.