Business Development Service+

Fortifying a network of BDS+ Providers to facilitate the growth of eco-inclusive enterprises.

The SEED Business Development Service+ (BDS+) programme enhances the capacities of Business Development Service providers with the skills and tools required to improve their support services offered to eco-inclusive enterprises in their regions. These BDS+ Providers are leading business consultants and members of institutions supporting small and growing enterprises, such as incubators and accelerators.

What does SEED BDS+ offer to service providers?

Through our Training of Trainers programme, we offer BDS+ Advisors access to SEED Toolkits, case studies and further valuable insights into eco-inclusive enterprise success. These resources support leading and future providers of enterprise support to streamline and optimise their services while meeting the unique development needs of enterprises with a strong environmental and social focus. Our SEED tools and insights have been developed and refined over our more than fifteen years of supporting enterprises. These resources enable high-achieving SEED-trained BDS+ Advisors to facilitate targeted, hands-on and collaborative financial and organisational planning for start-up and growing eco-inclusive enterprises.

Our SEED BDS+ Training of Trainers participants receive:


Printed and digital access to SEED Toolkits to guide their work with eco-inclusive enterprises.


Gain extensive facilitation practice, insights and reflection on participant-oriented training design.


Discover eco-inclusive business typology for tailored needs analysis and design of support.


Engage in peer-to-peer networking and exchange with experienced SEED BDS+ Advisors.


Employ insights from video and written case studies on successful eco-inclusive enterprises.


Create BDS+ online platform profile and participate in SEED events.

SEED's Green Recovery Ecosystem Builder Programme: 

The economic, social and environmental implications of the COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated the importance and urgency to rebuild our economic systems on green and inclusive principles. It presents an opportunity for policy makers, donors and financers to invest in a recovery that triggers and supports long-term transformation: one that is resilient, digital, green and inclusive. This is why we have offered our Green Recovery Ecosystem Builder Programme to make SME support programmes green, fair, and recovery proof. This new ongoing programme offered by SEED aims at maximising the impact of Covid-19 related enterprise support measures building a growing network of ecosystem builders at country level.



The SEED BDS+ programme has generated key impacts to build the capacities of BDS+ Advisors who help to optimise the environmental, social and economic contributions of eco-inclusive enterprises:
BDS+ ToT workshops delivered
SEED BDS+ Advisors in our database
SEED BDS+ Advisor profiles active

How does the SEED BDS+ process work?

During our BDS+ Training of Trainers workshops, selected BDS+ Advisors are equipped with SEED Toolkits, best practice facilitation skills and relevant case studies catered to the specific needs of small and growing enterprises with combined social, environmental and economic objectives. SEED trained BDS+ Advisors support enterprises at different stages of development and are offered the opportunity to participant in ToTs specifically targeted towards start-ups or enterprises looking to scale-up, through the SEED Starter and Replicator ToTs and SEED Catalyser ToT respectively.


BDS+ Providers are identified for their expertise and experience with supporting the business development of small and growing enterprises.

Business Development Support+ service providers working with small and growing enterprises and with experience or strong interest in eco-inclusive enterprise support are invited to apply for SEED BDS+ training through self-nomination or providing nomination letters from an endorsing organisation.

Starter Toolkit

Next Step: All nominations are screened for motivation and expertise and a group of inspiring participants is selected for each SEED BDS+ ToT cohort.


BDS+ Advisors improve their skills via our Training of Trainers workshop to more effectively deliver tailored Business Development Support+ to diverse eco-inclusive enterprises.

Selected Business Development Support providers attend a hands-on three-day Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop in their country or region, combining peer-learning and expert guidance. This workshop is based on case study-driven group work, which enables participants to directly apply and reflect on SEED toolkits while incorporating their own expertise. The case studies and tools are designed to address the specific needs of small and growing enterprises with a strong emphasis on delivering environmental and social benefits to their target markets.

During the ToT workshop, participants collaborate with each other by using co-facilitation methods and SEED tools, exchanging experiences with colleagues and developing their skills for workshop facilitation. SEED-trained BDS+ Advisors are equipped with toolified business development support approaches catered to the needs of eco-inclusive enterprise refinement and growth. 

Starter Toolkit

Starter Toolkit

Next Step: SEED-trained participants take home the whole SEED toolkit and apply the tools practised in the workshop and additional available tools in their own work directly supporting eco-inclusive enterprises.


BDS+ Advisors continue to improve their skills and build their partnerships through ongoing interaction with the SEED network.

All SEED BDS+ ToT alumni are part of our pool of potential service providers. This means that some SEED-trained BDS+ Advisors some might receive tendering invitations or inquiries to deliver BDS+ services within SEED programmes. All alumni of the SEED Training of Trainers workshops are welcome to apply all SEED tools accessed through the workshop in any other work they do to benefit as many eco-inclusive enterprises as possible. We offer all SEED-trained BDS+ Advisors a free profile on our online platform and where we regularly invite service providers to feedback on the tools.

Starter Toolkit

Starter Toolkit

Next Step: All SEED-trained BDS+ Providers are empowered and encouraged via our digital support network to identify synergies and collaborate with local colleagues.



SEED-trained BDS+ Advisors are central actors in our ecosystem of supportive stakeholders and mechanisms that champion the role of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship in green and socially inclusive economies.

SEED BDS+ Platform

Our BDS+ programme facilitates collaboration between ToT participants and other BDS+ service providers to strengthen enterprise support. Via the SEED BDS+ Platform, SEED-trained BDS+ Providers continuously enhance their skills and knowledge by connecting with other providers across sectors and regions and with enterprises seeking business development support. There are currently more than 300 BDS+ Advisors in our database that have participated in one of our SEED Training of Trainers workshops. Of these, over fifty SEED BDS+ Advisors have opted to publish their profiles via our website. All featured SEED BDS+ Advisors have different experience levels, expertises and capabilities. Please search for advisors that meet your particular criteria and collaborate with them to further develop your own enterprise or learn more about how to best promote eco-inclusive entrepreneurship through your organisation.


SEED Symposia & Dialogue Fora

Our network of SEED BDS+ Advisors are invited to join in ongoing SEED Symposia, Dialogue Fora and external events. Our SEED Symposia and Dialogue Fora provide a platform for key local, national and international stakeholders to collaborate and establish long-term partnerships which realise the transformative potential of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship. The upcoming SEED South Africa Symposium 2019 will present the SEED BDS+ Standard process and how the regulation and certification of Business Development Support+ has been streamlined in South Africa. Additionally, BDS+ Advisors are invited to showcase their work as exhibitors in the SEED Enterprise and BDS+ Providers Exhibition.

Next Step: Our BDS+ Providers feedback to our community of BDS+ Providers, eco-inclusive enterprises and other supporters to deliver profitable, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable development.

Who are our active SEED BDS+ Advisors?

You are invited to explore the profiles of highly qualified and experienced SEED-trained BDS+ Providers who we work with to deliver business development support catered to the unique needs and impact objectives of eco-inclusive enterprises using our hands-on tools and methodology. There are currently more than 300 BDS+ Advisors in our database who have participated in one of our SEED Training of Trainers workshops. Of these, over fifty SEED BDS+ Advisors have opted to publish their profiles via our website. All featured SEED BDS+ Advisors have different experience levels, expertises and capabilities. Please search for advisors that meet your particular criteria and collaborate with them to further develop your own enterprise or learn more about how to best promote eco-inclusive entrepreneurship through your organisation.


Find out more about upcoming BDS+ Training of Trainer workshops and the opportunity to take part.

SEED Library

In our Library you can take a glimpse into SEED Toolkits used for BDS+ training and read the latest news and blog posts.


From 2016 – 2018, SAG-SEED BDS+ Training of Trainers in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa and Uganda were supported by SWITCH-Africa Green, implemented by UN Environment with the assistance of the European Union.

SEED BDS+ in South Africa, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe is supported by the Government of Flanders.

Amar Munnolimath

SEED BDS+ Expert

We aim to enable as many enterprises as possible to access these BDS+ tools, and are always looking for partners to bring these tools to their regions. Please contact us if you are interested in extending our BDS+ programme to your area.