Conoce las empresas ecoinclusivas

Innovar modelos de negocio para productos y servicios socialmente inclusivos y medioambientalmente sostenibles.

At SEED, we are motivated by the transformative power of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship and the innovative enterprises at the forefront of sustainable business solutions.

The enterprises that we support combat environmental degradation and pioneer business models based on environmental sustainability and the creation of responsible products, services and value chains. These enterprises are ideally located within communities to generate lasting social and economic opportunities, especially for marginalised people. They employ and incorporate low-income or vulnerable populations, including women and unemployed youth, in their value chains as suppliers, distributors and consumers.

Each enterprise showcased here is unique and depends on your collaboration to optimise its impacts. Explore enterprises’ achievements by scrolling through according to the sector – or searching by SDG, SEED programme, location – and contact them directly via their individual enterprise profiles.