SEED South Africa

2010 was the year of the first country pilot, in South Africa. SEED South Africa operates on exactly the same lines as the global SEED model:

South AfricaInnovative start-up social and environmental enterprises in South Africa are identified through dedicated component of the global SEED Award competition. Winning enterprises are supported in scaling up and expanding their operations; SEED Winners as well as applicants are included in the SEED Research. Their successes to date and the constraints they face are described in the SEED Reports. These insights are available to South African policy- and decision-makers to facilitate a more enabling regulatory, financing, marketing and skills development framework which can stimulate the green economy at the grassroots.

SEED South Africa aims also to create a national community of successful social and environmental entrepreneurs, providing increased business opportunities for the entrepreneurs themselves and for the wider business community.

The pilot country scheme in South Africa falls under the larger, substantially EU funded, focus on Africa, which aims to support African countries in their efforts to refocus policies and investment in green economic sectors, such as renewable energies and energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, forests, water and waste management, tourism, green construction and transport, and to enhance social and environmental entrepreneurship, strengthen local capacities, create green jobs and help to alleviate poverty.

Department of Environmental AffairsThe government of South Africa through the work of the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) has been a forerunner in the field of eco-entrepreneurship. DEA has already implemented a variety of public projects in this field, in particular through its Green Fund Programme that seeks to support green initiatives to assist South Africa’s transition to a low carbon, resource efficient and climate resilient development path. Through its long term partnership with SEED and as the representative of South Africa on the SEED Board and chair of the SEED South Africa Steering Committee, DEA is also committed to foster dialogue and synergies between the various stakeholders in South Africa.

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