Waste Management

When managed effectively, waste is a valuable resource. From waste reduction to collection, recycling and upcycling, SEED-supported enterprises in the waste management sector have innovated closed-loop business models that gather and repurpose materials. These enterprises minimise environmental pollution and health risks associated with waste accumulation and mismanagement through their products and services. These eco-inclusive enterprises offer mobile waste collection services, building materials and furniture from reclaimed sources, organic fertilisers and more.


Watamu Community Solid Waste Management and Recycling Enterprises

2011 SEED Award Winner
Waste ManagementWatamu, Kenya

Zanzibar Scraps and Environment Association (ZASEA)

2011 SEED Award Winner
Waste ManagementZanzibar, Tanzania

Compressed Biogas (CBG)

2010 SEED Award Winner
Waste ManagementKigali, Rwanda

DeCo! - Decentralized Composting for Sustainable Farming and Development

2010 SEED Award Winner
Waste ManagementTamale, Ghana


2010 SEED Award Winner
Waste ManagementNairobi, Kenya

G-lish Foundation

2010 SEED Award Winner
Waste ManagementBolgatanga, Ghana

Reclaiming Livelihoods – Mooi River Waste Reclaiming

2010 SEED Award
Waste ManagementPietermaritzburg, South Africa

Resentse Sinqobile Trust Trading as Zondi BuyBack Initiative

2010 SEED Award Winner
Waste ManagementJohannesburg, South Africa