Perfect Fit

Empower menstruating people to have safe and dignified menstruation experiences
2021 SEED Low Carbon Award Water, Sanitation & Health (WASH) Ubud, Indonesia

Perfect Fit offers reusable pads to users in Indonesia, where 90% of people menstruating still use single-use pads due to limited access to sustainable solutions. They have a B2B business model for distribution in rural areas and a B2C model in urban areas. Their customers are broad ranging from 17-39-year-old women to NGOs, companies and community groups.

In rural areas, Perfect Fit recruits people from rural areas to become resellers, providing them with business training and menstrual health education. They have created a network of menstrual health agents to spread knowledge on menstruation.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts

Perfect Fit educates locals on menstrual health, sexual reproductive health, and rights. They help divert single-use pads from landfills and provides training for both women and men as resellers, giving them a source of income.
  • Educated 41,343 people (90% women and girls) on menstrual health, sexual reproductive health, and rights
  • Recruited and trained 184 women and 24 men to be resellers/trainers
  • Collaborating with UNICEF to deploy Oky, a period tracking app for adolescents
  • Producing more than 50,000 reusable period products, eliminating approximately 1.2 million single-use pads from the landfill
  • Collaborating with environmental organisations to educate communities on the negative environmental impact of single-use pads
  • Reaching 12,500 girls and women through distribution and sales outreach
  • Contributing to innovation in the industry of reusable feminine hygiene products by developing the first period-underwear in Indonesia and improving products



This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

Kopernik first led a pilot project that led to the establishment of Perfect Fit. They developed the grant proposal, implemented product creation, and managed the business development.

Simavi educates, supports in outreach, and advocacy of Perfect Fit from the beginning. They also connected them with funding partners and donors.

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