Kwanzaa Eco Farm Initiative

Conserving biodiversity and empowering smallholder farmers
SEED Starter Team Biodiversity Kampala, Uganda

Kwanzaa Eco Farm Initiative (KWEFI) is an eco-inclusive enterprise that promotes a sustainable and market-driven approach towards farming and beekeeping in Uganda. It addresses the problem of low agricultural productivity and the consequent poverty among smallholder farmers in the northern region of Uganda.

The enterprise has connected various smallholder farmer groups and utilises this network for diffusing sustainable agriculture techniques; establishing and providing linkage to lucrative markets; offering skills training and capacity-building, and stimulating an exchange of knowledge and information about modern agricultural techniques. KWEFI also promotes sustainable beekeeping in the Paidha Sub County by sensitizing smallholder farmers to the ecological and economic benefits of beekeeping, offers scale-up support, and helps shape local markets around bee products. 

Eco-Inclusive Impacts

Conserving biodiversity and increasing the profitability and productivity of bee-farming and sustainable agriculture for smallholder farmers.
  • Supporting the conservation of biodiversity by planting 500 trees and flowering plants and providing forage and a habitat for bees.  
  • Raising awareness about the disadvantages of deforestation and advocating for better conservation of Shea Nut trees through community sensitization activities.
  • Supporting smallholder farmers by forming networks and offering a platform for peer-learning and knowledge exchange. 
  • Enhancing agricultural productivity and reducing poverty amount smallholder farmers by offering skills training, with a focus on best practices in bee-farming and sustainable agriculture. 
  • Enabling smallholder farmers to diversify their business portfolios and increase their profits by adding lucrative, sustainable bee-farming along with traditional farming activities.  
  • Improving economic stability in the region by empowering groups of smallholder farmers. 


This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation (TUNADO) oversees beekeeping activities in the country and offers a platform for knowledge exchange, peer-learning and networking, and marketing bee products.

The Community-Based Services Department of the Paidha Sub County Local Government in Zombo District offers technical support for scaling up agricultural activities and implements community mobilisation initiatives. 

Finding XY has been supporting the eco-inclusive activities of the Kwanzaa Eco Farm Initiative with business development support as well as through networking opportunities with peers, investors, and donors. 

The PagSung Shea Nut Pickers and Shea Butter Processors Association offers technical support as well as guidance on community engagement and management. 

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Mr. Clifford Morris Jabero
Paidha Subcounty
Zombo District
Postcode 256
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256771993115

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