Baobab Products Mozambique

Producing Baobab products and improving the livelihoods of rural women
2014 SEED Africa Award Winner Sustainable Agriculture Chimoio, Mozambique

BPM is the first business in Mozambique to buy, process and trade the nutrient-rich Baobab fruit locally and market powder and oils as well as other planned products such as ingredients used to make ice creams and biscuits. The products will be sold on national and international markets.

BPM is an inclusive business that allows women harvesters to supply Baobab seed and pulp as well as become active shareholders in the enterprise, as part of a co-operative. It stimulates the economy through a new value-chain. BPM assists rural communities adapt to climate change, and provides an alternative food source and income for a region where agriculture is becoming limited due to poor rainfall and drought.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts

The enterprise provides women in the Manica province with an independent seasonal income and raises their social status by allowing them to become shareholders in the Baobab trade. They also provide an alternative food source and income for a region where agriculture is becoming limited due to poor rainfall and drought.
  • Training over 200 women from the Manica province in harvesting and processing techniques.
  • Improving women harvesters’ status and financial independence.
  • Increasing households’ access to schooling and health services due to higher income.
  • Assisting rural communities to adapt to climate change.
  • Carrying out assessments of Baobab areas to determine maximum sustainable yields.
  • Replanting Baobab trees as part of BPM’s natural resource management plan.
  • Providing income for over 200 women harvesters and giving them a stake in the company, as shareholders.
  • Employing up to ten people directly in the business.
  • Stimulating the local economy by introducing a new local natural product industry.


This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

Baobab Products Mozambique is a business that will buy, produce and trade in Baobab powder and other products. BPM is wholly-owned by Eco MICAIA, with 20% of shares set aside for the women harvesters’ co-operative.

Eco-MICAIA Ltd., the social enterprise wing of MICAIA Foundation, is a company that is leading the business development process for BPM and is offering management and marketing assistance.

MICAIA Foundation is a non-profit organisation working on livelihood projects and natural resource management in Manica province. It will provide training and organisational support to Baobab harvesters.

PhytoTrade Africa is a trade association for natural products from Southern Africa. It is assisting with a natural resource assessment of Baobab areas, and facilitating export in Baobab products.

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Andrew Kingman
Rotim Park, Talhao 1052a, EN6, Chimoio
Chimoio, Mozambique
Tel: +258 823034285

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