Your Eco-Inclusive Gift Inspiration INSIDE! seed Monday, 10 December 2018

Your Eco-Inclusive Gift Inspiration INSIDE!


In this gift-giving holiday season, whether you are simply looking for stocking fillers or after something meaningful for a special someone, why not multiply the impact of your giving with gifts from eco-inclusive enterprises? When you buy from small enterprises, you’re getting more than just a present for your loved ones - you will be supporting the training of rural women, improving livelihoods of farmers, contributing to reducing waste, or supporting the conservation of indigenous bio-diversity.

Here we put together a range of wonderful products and services from various SEED eco-inclusive enterprises:


Papelyco, plantable paper plates from Lifepack (Provokame) (Colombia)

Plastic is so last decade. It’s time to throw environmentally friendly parties with these disposable, bio-degradable plates. When you are done with them, don’t throw them out. These plantable plates are made from corn husk and seeds. Plant them and watch them grow!

 papelyco1 papelyco3

Your impact contribution: The entire process contributes not only to the reduction of pollution and sustainable waste management but also creates job and income for women, while additionally increasing environmental awareness among the community.

Browse their catalogue and make your purchases at or write to ventas@papelyco.comPapelyco delivers to Colombia & beyond.


Organic handmade cosmetics, Fairtrade products and indigenous crafts from Last Forest (India)

What better way to show you care than with safe, organic, health-care products? Lip-balms, beeswax soaps, organic tea, essential oils and more, Last Forest offers a wide range of high-quality products made by indigenous communities in India.

lastforest1 lastforest2

Your impact contribution: Last Forest increases the demand for organic agricultural production and offers indigenous communities a sustainable source of income. This strengthens their pride and dignity and enables families to invest in health and education.

Browse their product catalogue make your purchase on their online store or their Facebook page & special orders can be made to Nandan nandan@lastforest.inLast Forest delivers to India & beyond.


Coffee that supports Gorilla Conservation with Gorilla Conservation Coffee (Uganda)

Coffee is an essential daily beverage for many people. Why not get yours from GCCoffee? They pay a premium price to enable marginalised small-holder coffee farmers living in remote sub-counties near the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to improve their lives. This keeps them from resorting to damaging the forest through activities like poaching and removing resources like wood and helps protect the gorillas and their habitat.

 gorilla1 gorilla2

Your impact contribution: $1.50 per kilo of every coffee purchased will be donated to help save mountain gorillas in Uganda.

You can buy GCCoffee at their various shops online and in physical stores from Kampala, Uganda to Wellington, New Zealand. Find one closest to you here:


Upcycled kliketyklikboxes and more from All Women Recycling (South Africa)

If you are looking for something unique and useful, why not some multi-purpose boxes made from discarded plastic bottles? Minimise waste, maximise happiness!

 awr1 awr2

Your impact contribution: All Women Recycling improves the living conditions of unemployed young women and their families by providing employment and training opportunities regarding business management, life and sales skills.

How to order: AWR sells retail as well as wholesale delivering to South Africa & beyond. Orders and inquiries can be made on the website or through email to


A holiday experience with the ‡Khomani San at the African Safari Foundation (South Africa)

Interested in gifting experiences rather than things? The sustainable community-based ecotourism experience in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa might be of interest to you. Tourists have the opportunity to see the extraordinary landscapes and biodiversity of the region, but also to experience life through the eyes of the ‡Khomani San descendants, one of the oldest groups of people on the planet.

 khomani1 khomani2

Your impact contribution: The enterprise provides the community with sustainable employment opportunities through guided experiences that showcase the unique Kalahari Desert and the Bushmen people.

Find out more about the Project here: more information and booking your experience:

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. Do you know of other environmentally-friendly social enterprises from your community that you can share with us too?

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