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Village Inc. Africa

Village Inc. Africa

Village Inc. Africa supports the creation of village companies in the Babati area of Tanzania. Communities structure their village like a business, thus giving them access to low interest loans to fund enterprises and projects. Profits are used to fund urgent social projects, such as sanitation. Villagers become shareholders once a village company meets a series of good governance and fiscal targets.

Villages incorporate their own Village Company, a for-profit enterprise which is self-managed, scalable and self-fundable. It has three purposes: 1) Create and run for-profit businesses in their village, thus stimulating and developing a local economy. 2) Finance community-chosen social needs. 3) Repay the “macrocredit” used as working capital for the VC.

VCs are registered LLCs, with shares gradually transferred to the villagers. VCs are trained in governance and management under the key principles of business excellence, transparency and accountability.

  • Establish 17 Village Companies (VCs) in the surrounding villages.
  • Undertake a new affordable housing business project that utilises resources from four surrounding VCs in the Babati area.
  • Explore the option of training women to be certified accountants, thereby encouraging them to assume the role of Treasurer in VCs’ management team.
  • Investigate the possibilities of spreading the VC model to other villages in Tanzania.


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