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Energy Unlimited

Energy Unlimited

Energy Unlimited is developing a clean-energy value chain providing quality-proven and affordable clean energy devices to rural an urban households and institutions in Malawi. By partnering with community stakeholders, other programmes and the media, the enterprise educates the general public about clean technologies and trains women and men to use renewable energy technologies productively to run their own clean energy enterprises.

Energy Unlimited's goal is to fight energy poverty and enhance the three main pillars which can only in conjunction drive a sustainable mass-scale uptake of clean energy technologies in the country:

1) AWARENESS - we educate the public about clean energy technologies by partnering with various stakeholders like the media, research and development partners.

2) ACCESS - we aim at creating a last-mile distribution network building on existing as well and innovative structures, to bring the products to where the consumers are

3) AFFORDABILITY - we test different finance mechanisms and payment models to enforce an integrated, pro-poor development of the clean energy market.

The enterprise seeks to improve energy access in Malawi by

- advising institutional partners on how to integrate renewabe energy technologies into income generation, livelihoods, farming or energy efficiency projects etc.

- working with existing suppliers of clean energy technologies, like micro-energy solar kits like lanterns and PV panels, energy-efficient cook stoves, charging stations and smart off-grid agricultural tools

- testing and own import of not yet available, but locally appropriate technology or triggering development by local partners, where possible

- linking the demand and supply chains through development of a local Clean Energy Entrepreneur network and integrating innovative payment and finance models.

  • Identifying at least 30 partner distribution hubs in major trading centres throughout the country and establishing at least 300 Clean Energy Entrepreneurs/groups as their linked community agents by 2017, to be agents of change and offer quality micro-solar devices, energy-efficient stoves, biomass briquettes and innovative related services using productive income-generating renewable energy technologies. At least 70 % of these enterprises will be women-led.
  • Establish formal cooperation with crowd-funding networks, micro-finance organizations, village saving & lending groups, revolving loan funds and small-sclae business development trainign agencies to facilitate start-up finance and management skills for the etnrepreneurs
  • Diversify the clean energy products avaliable and known in Malawi by a range of productive, income generating clean energy technologies and Do-It-Yourself Kits
  • Cooperate with educational institutions and be an active contributor to the UN Decade for SE4All in Malawi


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