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The Mobile Solar Computer Classroom

The Mobile Solar Computer Classroom

The Mobile Solar Computer Classroom is helping bridge the digital divide in Uganda by making computer skills accessible, affordable, and relevant to rural schools and community libraries in Uganda. The enterprise uses solar-powered computers – housed in modified SUV vehicles fitted with solar panels – to bring its technology to its trainees. A digital literacy curriculum is delivered to each participating venue over the course of two years.

Mobile Solar Computer Classroom brings all the equipment needed to provide lessons on computer skills to schools and libraries, offering a digital literacy curriculum delivered over the course of two years. The institutions pay a small fee for the training sessions, the majority of the funding comes from awards, partnerships and grants. 

The enterprise has two modified all-terrain vehicles equipped with solar panels, laptops, an internet router, a tent, tables and chairs. In using solar energy, it raises awareness of the benefits and availability of solar devices. Every year, the Mobile Solar Computer Classroom equips 5,000 students, 100 teachers and 500 community members with competitive computer skills. While doing this, it also educates its trainees in the benefits of using solar power.

  • Visit 10 new schools and five new libraries over the coming year.
  • Acquire more computers and more solar panels in order to continue existing partnerships and increase the amount of people able to access the service.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by increasing the time students spend on computers and by interacting with more clients during each training session.
  • Increase revenue by better enforcing payment of contracts with clients.


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