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The Clean Energy Initiative

The Clean Energy Initiative

This project aims to provide rural electrification using sustainable energy, generating local employment and promoting entrepreneurial skills, by offering capacity building in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of micro wind turbines. The partners of this project are local small businesses and an academic institution.

The project, founded in 2009, aims to provide electricity to rural areas using sustainable energy generated from micro wind turbines. The majority of the population in Northern Mozambique lives in rural areas, which commercial utilities, using conventional approaches, cannot connect to the power grid. This gap can be filled through the use of wind turbines. The initiative introduces wind power as an affordable source of energy through the provision of robust locally-manufactured wind turbines. There is a wealth of recycled automotive parts and reusable scrap metal available locally. By tapping into these local recycling networks for the fabrication of wind turbines, the initiative advocates a sustainable ‘zero-waste’ principle.

Secure Project Funding: To support the project though its start-up period, The Clean Energy Initiative is looking for financial support.

Wind Turbine Tour: A wind turbine will tour 4 sites to demonstrate the principles and benefits of wind power (eco-lodge, rural village, farm and a health centre).

‘Build your own wind turbine’ courses: Hands-on’ practical workshops to demonstrate the principles of wind power to apprentices and students in Tanzania and Mozambique.

Workshop Set-up: Establish and equip local workshop with tools, materials and components to enable the cost-effective fabrication and economies of scale for the turbines.

Market Turbines: Manufacture and sell 8 micro wind turbines in the first year of operation.

Establish The Clean Energy Community Fund: A support fund allowing vocational training for community-based income generation and maintenance for established wind turbines.


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