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Sustainable Options

Sustainable Options

SRGDI facilitates the wide distribution of solar lighting technology to the rural population of Malawi. By providing training and promoting self-financing schemes of local youth associations, the enterprise acts as a facilitator between suppliers and customers and promotes entrepreneurship in rural Malawi.

The Sustainable Rural Growth and Development Initiative (SRGDI) extends the sales network of well-established enterprises, by training local youth associations to act as distribution agents and mobilising local communities to set up self-financing schemes. SRGDI receives a 10% commission on the sales of solar lamps through its distribution network, and 2% on mobile payment services. The enterprise establishes a distribution network for solar and mobile money services in rural areas without access to electricity. By working with youth village savings and loan associations, it creates new sources of microfinance for solar technology.

  • Recruit and train 1,000 youth agents on solar and mobile money products in order to increase annual solar lamp distribution to 50,000 within the next five years.
  • Expand the distribution network and self-financing loan schemes through new partnerships with village savings and loan associations in a total of 13 districts in Malawi in the coming year.
  • Set up awareness campaigns on solar and mobile money products in ten districts in the coming year.
  • Improve capacity of the Sustainable Rural Growth and Development Initiative by strengthening the business management system.


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