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The Sustainable Mushroom Farming Initiative

The Sustainable Mushroom Farming Initiative


The Sustainable Mushroom Farming Initiative is a community enterprise which farms and sells organic oyster mushrooms in the Kanungu District of Uganda. Providing alternative livelihoods for disadvantaged women and indigenous Batwa people living adjacent to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, the enterprise reduces pressure on the gorilla habitat, as fewer community members engage in illegal foraging for food in the National Park.


The enterprise is focused on providing fresh produce that is available wholesale, and on demand, to consumers. The enterprise is turning a small-scale community garden initiative at CIBC into a sustainable business venture. It is providing at least five direct jobs, a market for five independent mushroom farming collectives and filling a market gap for fresh, local produce.

Creating an alternative farming location to BINP means the park can be conserved, lessening the threat to gorilla habitats. Initiating employment opportunities for Batwa people is also helping reduce poaching from the park by engaging locals in an income-generating activity.

  • Continue to recruit and train employees including five new mushroom farming collectives and three additional workers to manage the demonstration farm.
  • Buy a supply motorcycle.
  • Increase customer base and have at least 55 repeat customers within the next year, and work to achieve a profitability target of at least of 23%.
  • Incorporate an agro tourism activity in the enterprise to increase on funding possibilities.


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