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SolarTurtle converts shipping containers into mobile solar power stations and solar kiosks called “Turtles”. The company empowers women entrepreneurs to operate these secure fold-away power stations in order to sell clean and affordable energy to off-grid schools, clinics and individual community members.

SolarTurtles are deployed in a franchise model and electricity is sold to off-grid institutions, whose consumption is paid for and monitored through prepaid meters. Solar kiosks provide battery recharging stations and sell energy efficient devices, such as battery packs and home solar kits, to the wider community. These innovative and secure fold-away power stations deliver a dependable return on investment. The company also sells so-called “PowerTurtles”, which are secure power stations without a franchise model.

  • Deploy six Turtles in off-grid communities in rural South Africa to support community development.
  • Deploy ten “PowerTurtles”-solar power stations without a solar kiosk and franchising model.
  • Expand into the South African market by working together with the Department of Basic Education.
  • Export the model to two new African countries, namely Mozambique and Nigeria.
  • Install 25 home solar installations and generate 3574 kWh of clean electricity per year.


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