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Recycling for Environmental Recovery

Recycling for Environmental Recovery

Recycling for Environmental Recovery recycles plastic waste to produce secondary raw materials that are used in the lucrative plastics industry. Women waste workers are trained about the health and safety hazards and encouraged to join a co-operative to help regulate waste collection.

The enterprise will create a value-added chain from recycling plastic waste. It will produce a range of secondary raw materials for the plastics industry such HPDE, LDPE, PP, PS and PET resin pellets, to supply domestically and to lucrative export markets. Additionally, a co-operative will be established to benefit waste collectors.

Existing plastic recycling efforts are small-scale and of poor quality. In contrast, this enterprise uses automated recycling processes. A waste collectors’ co-operative will ensure health and safety training, and higher returns for their work.

  • Require funds to obtain a lorry and small modes of transport for waste collectors, for example scooters or bicycles with trailers.
  • Seek funding to acquire additional land, about 2,350 m², to allow for planned expansion.
  • Establish a waste collection network.
  • Provide training to waste workers and collectors concerning health and safety risks associated with the informal industry.
  • Establish a co-operative of waste collectors.


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