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Precious Life Foundation’s Outgrower Project

Precious Life Foundation’s Outgrower Project

Precious Life Foundation’s Outgrower Project teaches bio-intensive, organic agricultural techniques to vulnerable women living at its shelter who then pass on their knowledge to the community. The enterprise empowers these women as teachers while working towards improved food security in Zimbabwe’s Matabeleland South Region. Women farmers who benefit from the training donate labour or produce back as a form of payment for service.

Bio-intensive, organic agricultural techniques are taught to women, who pass on their knowledge to the community. Local smallholder farmers are provided inputs and encouraged to adopt the techniques, and contribute financially to the project by providing labour,contributing to running costs, or by returning some of their produce to Precious Life. 

The enterprise acts as an intermediary between local farmers and the national market, selling on produce as well as secondary products like heirloom seeds. All profits are reinvested into the project. As a flow-on effect, the project addresses desertification in the Matabeleland region through promoting a more sustainable way of farming.

  • Increase the number of agricultural training classes held over the coming year.
  • Hire more agricultural specialists and additional teachers for the training centre, in order to increase teaching and outreach capacity.
  • Continue to develop a partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture to construct a biogas digester.
  • Continue to search for funding grants, while reinvesting existing profits back into growing the project.


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