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Piratas do Pau Upcycling Centre

Piratas do Pau Upcycling Centre

Piratas do Pau Upcycling Centre employs and trains underprivileged youth in the design and production of modern furniture and other household products made from 90 per cent reclaimed materials. The enterprise reduces waste and teaches Mozambicans about the benefits of up-cycling.

PdP provides young unskilled Mozambicans with the chance to train and work as a craftsperson or designer in a unique upcycling centre which designs appealing modern household products, including furniture, soft furnishings and bags, from reclaimed materials.

As competition comprises low-quality imported furniture and traditional style furniture, demand for unique quality products is high. Currently all products are sold locally, using 90 % reclaimed materials.

Due to the high percentage of reclaimed materials used and the appealing designs of its products, particularly its modern furniture range, PdP reduces waste and encourages people to think about upcycling, rather than buying imported products or products made from mining and logging.

  • Expand production and diversify products to include metal furniture, other home wares and furnishings including lamps and bags to meet market demands.
  • Improve infrastructure to allow expansion of workshop, office, training and showroom space.
  • Seek urgent investment to purchase wood- and metalworking machines and tools, and for the ongoing free training of young Mozambicans.


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