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Pintadas Solar

Pintadas Solar

Partners are triggering community approaches in the semi-arid North-East to water-efficient crop irrigation and biofuel production to address climate change adaptation and mitigation, and food security and poverty.

Pintadas Solar is setting out to help small farmers communities to adapt to climate change, improve local food security, mitigate their own carbon emissions, and reduce poverty by increasing income and creating local employment opportunities.

Partners in Pintadas Solar are developing a community-led approach to disseminate small-scale water-efficient crop irrigation and bio-fuel production technologies in the semi-arid North-East of Brazil. This region is characterised by little precipitation, hot temperatures, sandy soils and prolonged periods of droughts, which are increasing due to climate change.

Starting from the experience gained during the implementation of 7 pilot irrigation projects, the partners are looking for organisations that will help with refining the technological platform and the launch of a regional small-scale irrigation programme that could be replicated in parts of the world which are facing similar challenges.

  • Work with communities to create a fully integrated package that includes adequate water pumping and irrigation technologies, fertilisers, technical assistance and capacity building to increase crop production
  • Develop a replicable micro-finance model to support farmers’ access to the technological package.
  • Commercialise food products in local, regional and specialty (i.e. organic, fair trade) markets.
  • Create agro-energy farmer cooperatives to develop small-scale biofuel systems (vegetable oil and hydrous ethanol) and others. Ensure the scaling up of the initiative on regional level and prepare the steps for international replication.


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