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Mozambikes assembles and sells quality bikes at affordable prices. It customises bikes with logos and colours and encourages companies and non-profit organisations to buy advertising space or branded bikes outright and distribute them to rural areas.

Mozambikes generates income from selling locally-assembled quality bikes as a means of transport as well as mobile advertising space. Companies and non-profit organisations buy and distribute branded bicycles to communities, employees and in marketing initiatives, or advertisers can buy branding space, which makes the bicycles affordable for low-income consumers.

Branded bikes act as moving billboards and provide cost-effective advertising particularly in hard-to-reach rural areas. To date, over 100 companies have helped distribute nearly 2600 bikes to Mozambicans. Women receive free training on how to ride and maintain bikes, as well as earning incomes from making bike baskets. Carbon emissions will be reduced as more people choose bikes over motorised forms of transport.

  • Sales Team Development:  Build-out client-specific sales team
  • Develop robust local and international communications plan
  • One-time promotion: Graphic design, video development
  • Develop retail channels for Ad-to-Retail sales and Sales of Unbranded Bikes
  • Expand into South Africa - Guateng market
  • Build market demand for new products prototyped: trailer, ambulance and bike rack
  • Roll out the Bicycle as a Micro-Loan program
  • Relaunch Company website 


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