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Mesula - Meru Sustainable Land Ltd.

Mesula - Meru Sustainable Land Ltd.

Mesula – Meru Sustainable Land supports bio-intensive farming by providing Arusha smallholder farmers with technical advice on how to convert to organic farming. Smallholder farmers see increased crop yields and higher incomes. Mesula buys their organic produce and sells it, together with conserves made by a group of local women, at a farmer’s market and a local supermarket.

The enterprise creates a value chain for the production and supply of fresh fruit and vegetables to the local market. It provides small-holder farmers with training and support for converting to sustainable farming. Farmers are paid for their produce that is sold at a retail outlet and a supermarket.

As international tourism drives the local economy, higher demand for organic produce is predicted. A farmer’s market held monthly has gathered a network of actors interested in sustainable agriculture.

Mesula – Meru Sustainable Land’s organic produce supply chain has a direct impact on reducing chemical pesticides in agricultural practises. Small-scale farmers are reaping the social and economic benefits of using sustainable farming methods, through increased incomes and reduced health risks.

  • Continue to provide training modules related to organic farming and food processing.
  • Implement simple and cost-effective input strategies to reduce pesticide use following the principles of bio-intensive agriculture.
  • Require drip irrigation systems to conserve water, particularly in areas of water scarcity, and install economically sustainable but durable harvesting systems such as hafirs.
  • Develop a business plan to optimise human resources and investments and access to middle-scale buyers’ level to raise the turnover and the possibilities of reinvestment at farm level.


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