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Mashandilo Co-operative

Mashandilo Co-operative

Mashandilo is a co-operative of smallholder farmers committed to improving its members’ market integration by promoting resource-efficient innovation in agriculture production and providing a wide range of member services.

The Mashandilo farming co-operative distributes vegetable products to the local population, building a strong sales network and brand. The member-led enterprise provides training for smallholder farmers, develops distribution channels and supports the adaptation towards sustainable agriculture innovation.

Membership fees and shared revenues allow the cooperative to pool resources for storing, marketing of goods and reducing costs for inputs and equipment. Mashandilo constantly increases the productivity of its members by promoting resource-efficient technology.

  • Integrate 15 new women smallholders into the co-operative to double membership, and train them on fundamental agriculture techniques and business skills.
  • Set up five additional pilot micro-drip irrigation systems to promote sustainable agriculture techniques. As part of this, seek partnerships with financial institutions to develop a microloan scheme for members to invest in improved irrigation equipment.
  • Improve sales network in cooperation with local food retailers and develop the co-operative’s brand.
  • Train 15 members on advanced horticulture methods, such as sustainable pest and disease management.


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