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KingFire Briquettes

KingFire Briquettes

KingFire Briquettes is an urban recycling enterprise in Kampala which uses organic material otherwise considered waste to create biomass briquettes. Sourced from local materials, the briquettes offer an alternative energy source to firewood or charcoal and provide quality, affordable, sustainable fuel for heating and cooking.

KingFire creates a bio-energy value-chain through producing and selling briquettes. Biowaste is locally sourced and turned to char, then mixed with molasses, compressed and sundried. Vendors, who market equipment like cook stoves and paper bags, sell the final product. KingFire also facilitates community workshops on the benefits and uses of sustainable energy.

Made from bio-waste, the briquettes are low-cost, benefiting users and making the product accessible to urban and rural markets. The business profits from a wide market share and smart branding. End users benefit from a sustainable and low-cost, long burning product. KingFire also positions itself as a socially conscious business through local job creation and training, community education, and running a mentorship scheme.

  • Continue market research and expansion especially to semi-rural areas, and further develop product branding as “the preferred biomass briquettes for households in Uganda”.
  • Acquire equipment to increase production capacity, and acquire more space for manufacturing and storage.
  • Purchase a vehicle to transport raw materials and to deliver finished products to consumers.
  • All of the above will help KingFire achieve its short-term goal of increasing current production volume from 50 kg to 200 kg of briquettes per day.


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