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Khoelife Organic Soap and Oils Primary Co-operative

Khoelife Organic Soap and Oils Primary Co-operative

Khoelife Organic Soap and Oils Co-operative” is a women’s co-operative marketing organic soaps and oils. Through training and a micro-loan scheme its members are enabled to become independent entrepreneurs. Khoelife Manufacturing, the supplier of the organic soaps and oils, uses traditional labour-intensive methods, certified organic ingredients, and renewable energy in its production processes. 

Khoelife Organic Soap and Oils Co-operative combines a franchise model with a microloans system. Members of the co-operative receive training and peer-to-peer support regarding management, finance and marketing in addition to receiving start-up capital. The purpose of the enterprise is to enable women entrepreneurs to set up independently-owned businesses.

As the first cohort begins to make headway, part of their commission and loan repayments will be used to support a new set of entrepreneurs, thus eliminating the need for external funds. The traditional, labourintensive production process relies completely on renewable energy sources, thus reducing carbon emissions.

  • Expand the membership of the co-operative from the current five independent distributors, who sell 7,000 bars of soap a month, to 15.
  • Develop a marketing strategy to promote lifestyle changes and increase the number of customers using organic soaps and oils. This would involve using a multiplicity of channels, e.g. the provision of samples, in-person promotions and building an internet presence in order to reach every strata of the society.
  • Encourage local farmers to switch to the organic cultivation of ingredients by creating a market for organic products. Organic products are currently largely imported by the enterprise.
  • Reach financial sustainability to allow for the growth of the co-operative without external support.


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