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KadAfrica: Girls Agro Investment (GAIN) Project

KadAfrica: Girls Agro Investment (GAIN) Project

Girls Agro Investment, implemented by KadAfrica, trains young rural women to manage and run smallholder agricultural businesses in passion fruit farming. The girls are given rent-free land and training for two and a half years, during which KadAfrica buys back their produce. Empowering the girls to continue farming at the end of their internship, the enterprise offers an economic alternative to rural exodus in Western Uganda. 

Trainees are given a free plot of land to develop their own passion fruit farming business on for two and a half years. They are offered agricultural training, inputs, and courses in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and life skills. Supported by the enterprise, the young women then involve their communities in co-operative passion fruit farming. 

The enterprise purchases the passion fruit produced by the trainees at fair market value, with each girl earning approximately USD 30 - 80 per month. It also creates wider social cohesion for their communities, who are able to learn from the girls and replicate their agricultural successes with organic passion fruit farming.

  • Implement next round of training for current GAIN girls.
  • Bring an additional 600 girls into the project by December 2014.
  • Continue passion fruit harvesting as the production period peaks over the coming months.
  • Produce large enough quantities of passion fruit to supply Ugandan markets with passion fruit pulp for juices, as opposed to having local markets rely on importing pulp from abroad.


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