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Honey Products Industries

Honey Products Industries

Honey Products Industries creates an agribusiness value-chain out of high-quality honey. By training young adults to operate business outlets via a franchise model and providing beekeeping equipment to smallholder farmers, the enterprise increases income generation and improves market access for rural communities in Malawi.

The enterprise trains young people to own and operate business outlets located in specific geographical locations via a franchise model. These outlet managers provide beekeeping equipment and training to local smallholder farmers. The raw honey is collected, tested for quality and purchased by the outlets. 

The honey is then transported to the factory for processing, where it is labelled with processing and expiration dates and finally distributed to community stores’ shelves. By creating a value chain around honey, Honey Industries offers young adults a source of  income and improves smallholder farmers’ resilience and access to markets.

  • Increase production capacity in all current areas of operation by engaging more smallholder farmers to become beekeepers.
  • Establish ten new franchise business outlets owned and operated by young adults to meet the demands of the market and to increase processing capacity. By doing so, the enterprise will increase the production volume from the current one tonne to at least five tonnes.
  • Purchase an electric sieving and processing machine to ensure a high quality honey.
  • Mobilise funding to be able to explore opportunities in export markets that will provide additional revenues.


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