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Growing the Future

Growing the Future

Growing the Future promotes nutritious and organic food production and improves household food security by providing a three-step gardening programme for unemployed people. After receiving an innovative wicking-bed gardening starting kit, households complete a gardening training course and can acquire land for smallholder farms.

The enterprise offers a three-phase programme. During the first stage, unemployed beneficiaries receive training and inputs in order to implement home gardens. In the second phase, a community garden training centre provides support and market access to new gardeners. Gardeners can acquire land to become smallholder farmers during the last stage. 

Each gardener receives a “GreenBox”, a starting kit utilising wicking beds to grow produce in dry areas with poor soil quality. The box, innovative to the region, promotes adaptation to climate change.

Grootbos Foundation’s Growing the Future programme will increase household’s food security and improve access to nutritional locally-produced vegetables and other produce. It includes educational programmes and entrepreneurial community garden training and the provision of household “GreenBoxes.” 

  • Implement the second phase of the programme by constructing and managing a community centre and garden in Gansbaai. The garden will host training sessions, support, access to supplies, and organic urban gardening experts. The third phase will be implemented in 2016.
  • Implement 120 home gardens, reaching 500 beneficiaries and improving food security in the Gansbaai communities of Masakhane and Gansbaai in Phase 1 of the project.
  • Acquire funding to roll out further “GreenBoxes” in the Gansbaai community to improve food security.
  • Implement the ‘achievement funnel’, which will allow committed gardeners to receive further tailor-made training in organic agriculture and sustainable, organic agriculture.


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