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greenABLE has found an innovative solution for recycling empty printer cartridges. The recycled plastic and metals are sold, generating a steady flow of income and employment opportunities for previously unemployed persons with disabilities. Jobs are being created in the enterprise’s recycling facility or as greenAGENTS who run their own home-based cartridge collection business and sell the collected cartridges back to the enterprise.

greenABLE NPC recycles empty printer cartridges and sells the derived plastic and metals, generating a steady flow of income. The enterprise supports entrepreneurial persons with mobility-restricting disabilities to become greenAGENTs. greenAGENTS run their own homebased cartridge collection business and sell the collected cartridges to greenABLE for recycling.

In its recycling facility, greenABLE provides workplace training for disabled persons who dismantle the cartridges. greenABLE offers its trainees scholarships, enabling them to attend school leaving certificate courses and access the job market.

greenABLE offers workplace training and skill development for 28 disabled persons who are unemployed, primarily single mothers, enabling them to access the job market.

  • Expand the number of staff members to increase recycling efforts, establish a quality control team to further separate plastic waste and achieve higher market prices for the recycled plastic.
  • Set up satellite branches to spread the model across South Africa. The recycling of printer cartridges alone could provide 750 direct jobs in South Africa. Currently greenABLE cannot meet the demand for recycled plastic, as it is used by the government’s low-cost housing initiative for roof tiles.
  • Invest in a machine that extracts toner dust. Currently toner dust is the only part of the printer cartridges that is not recycled by greenABLE.


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