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Green Heat

Green Heat

Green Heat is an enterprise installing and marketing biogas digesters that convert decaying organic material from latrines and agricultural waste into biogas fuel for cooking and heating. By using biogas digesters, urban and rural households, schools, prisons, hospitals and tourist lodges in Uganda reduce their dependence on firewood and charcoal, improve their waste management systems, and help reduce deforestation and greenhouse gas emission rates related to methane release.

The enterprise installs and markets three types of biogas digesters to urban and rural households, schools, prisons, hospitals and tourist lodges in Uganda. Households can obtain the digesters with a pay-as-you-go financial plan or renting the appliances in monthlyinstalments. After-sales services are offered for the first six months after installation. 

The three designs – fixed dome, floating drum and flexible balloon – decay organic material collected from agricultural waste or enterprise-designed latrines to produce biogas fuel for cooking and heating.

Biogas digesters installed by Green Heat improve household health and life expectancy by decreasing air pollution from traditional energy sources and improving waste management. Income and productivity also increase in households as workload spent on gathering firewood decreases by two to three hours each day.

  • Increase biogas digester implementation in communities by installing new digesters hooked to latrines in 37 schools, 30 households and 40 tourist lodges.
  • Create 22 new jobs under the national development scheme.
  • Increase marketing efforts to encourage communities and institutions to switch from firewood and charcoal to biogas and encourage user confidence in the product, despite high initial installation costs.
  • Construct the enterprise’s first fixed dome digester out of PET bricks made from plastic bottles, demonstrating an innovative construction method.


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