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Elegance Company Ltd. for Research & Development, Manufacturing and Services

Elegance Company Ltd. for Research & Development, Manufacturing and Services

The Elegance Company showcases agricultural products and livestock, renewable energy technologies, and organic farming techniques through its zero-waste, multi-culture, multi-crop and closed loop system implemented on its model farm. Partnering with NGOs and research institutions the enterprise provides consultancy services for product incubation, sustainable farm design, and development of new technologies. 

The enterprise promotes organic agriculture at a model farm and provides paid consultancy to farmers regarding sustainable farm design and development of new technologies, connecting farmers and customers. Its system closes agricultural production circles, with technologies reducing the reliance on chemical inputs. 

The closed-loop, zero-waste agricultural system builds on technologies such as solar energy and biomass, organic cultivation and breeding, on-site production of fertiliser and feed, organic disease prevention practices and post-harvest preservation technologies. The system strengthens food security, decreasing the farm’s susceptibility to environmental shock. Renouncing on chemical inputs and mimicking natural processes, it improves water, air and soil quality and increases plant diversity.

  • Increase yields of organic products by further implementing the model, and encourage 15 new farms in the Bai Vi area to adopt the farm model and its practices.
  • Respond to consumer demand by developing and launching processed food products, including processed vegetables, such as pickles, moringa and processed meats such as pork pie, shredded pork and pâté.
  • Invest in services to increase customers’ satisfaction and improve the customer care and quality control system, including through the use of cameras and internet to connect farm and customers and equipment to test product quality.
  • Improve the technological systems at the farm to ensure enough system redundancies exist to maintain the equilibrium during or after environmental shocks like droughts, floods or storms.


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