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Electricity4All sells and rents solar-battery kits and accessories at solar electricity kiosks in rural off-grid areas. Each kiosk serves up to 500 customers who can use mobile phones to process payments. By collaborating with international foundations and multinationals, the enterprise helps rural entrepreneurs power their private businesses, reduces energy expenditures, contributes to forest protection, and eliminates the use of toxic batteries.

The enterprise rents out and sells solar battery kits including appliances. The kits are rented out through solar electricity kiosks operated by the enterprise, or sold directly to distributors, retailers and customers. The kiosks are installed in off-grid communities, especially in areas where there are no plans to expand the country’s grid. 

Rented kits can be re-charged at the kiosks. One electricity kiosk serves 150 to 500 customers who have the option to use their mobile phone to pay for the rental. 

Solar-powered battery packs sold by the enterprise increase entrepreneurial opportunities for off-grid community members by powering their private business ventures, such as shops or barber salons. The increased availability of electricity generates more household income and reduces energy expenditures.

  • Increase marketing initiatives to generate greater awareness of the enterprise’s products in off-grid communities, as solar battery kits are new to Malawi.
  • Focus on selling the solar kits to commercial and non-commercial distributors and retailers that are not yet active in the solar PV market.
  • Reach more than 10,000 customers and reduce the usage of paraffin, candles and firewood as household energy sources.
  • Implement a tool to remotely monitor the batteries, allowing for a more efficient renting and pay-as-you-go system.


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