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EcoAct Tanzania

EcoAct Tanzania

EcoAct Tanzania uses environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient plastic extrusion to upcycle plastic waste into durable, affordable plastic timbers for construction. The enterprise mitigates climate change not only by reducing plastic pollution, but also by reducing wood dependence and deforestation.

EcoAct Tanzania processes plastic waste into durable, affordable plastic timbers for construction, using environmentally-friendly, industrial chemical-free, energy-efficient processes. It sources the plastic waste from local partners dedicated to reducing plastic pollution as well as from low-income households. Locals benefit from better waste management strategies, a lower dependence on wood, and EcoAct’s “Garbage Medical Insurance” programme, providing medical coverage in exchange for household plastic waste.

EcoAct utilizes its revenue to scale up, generating employment, creating more carbon emissions savings, and enhancing its impact on climate change mitigation. It also reduces the cost of construction, creating savings for low-income households and small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • Acquiring high throughput technology to scale plastic waste processing
  • Scaling up sales and marketing efforts nationally
  • Launching plastic timber in regional markets within Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Southern Sudan by 2019


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